Take Action: Wichita Library to Host Drag Queen Story Time

September 24

The movement to introduce drag queens to kids has arrived in Kansas. Please take a moment to make your voice heard!

The Wichita Public Library is hosting an event this Tuesday at which men dressed in drag will read aloud their favorite children’s books. The library director insists the event is intended “for adults,” but that’s clearly not how the event organizers view it. As they said in the Eagle: “It’s incredibly important that children see the diversity that exists throughout the world.  Having drag queens read to children is a fabulous way to undo gender norms and validate the gender exploration that is already normal for children.”

So, there you go. That’s the goal.

If your family loves the library, like mine does, and you want to preserve it as a safe, family-friendly place for all members of the community, especially children, to enjoy, contact the city council. We’ve made it easy to send a message to all of them with just a click on our Action Center.

Please also call the city council at (316) 268-4331 and politely ask the receptionist to convey your message to all of the council members. The message: Drag queen programs are inappropriate for children and the library should not host or promote them.

Finally, please share this message far and wide with your friends and neighbors to make sure the city council hears the message loud and clear!

Thanks for making your voice heard.

Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director