Our Letter to Judge Kavanaugh … and Your Chance to Send One Too

September 27

Dear Judge Kavanaugh,

We as Americans just witnessed your powerful speech – a speech that will long be remembered. It was powerful, moving and compelling. Most of all, it was a passionate defense against the salacious last-minute charges that have been alleged against you.

Your accuser spoke before you, and the contrast was striking. She was uncertain of many things, including important facts related to her allegation. Perhaps most tellingly, she was surrounded by attorneys who carefully guarded her from questions that would draw her credibility into question.

You, in contrast, spoke powerfully and with great conviction – but also deep emotion as you recounted the destructive impact that these unsupported attacks have had on you and your family. Yet the grace of you and your family toward your accuser shown through as well, as you related through tears how your daughter Liza said, “We should pray for the woman.”

Judge Kavanaugh, we believe you – and we are doing everything we can to support your nomination.


Paul Weber and the Family Policy Alliance Team

If you would like to send your own note to Judge Kavanaugh, you can do so here. Your note will be delivered to Judge Kavanaugh so that he knows the wide and deep support that he has from the people of America.

And now would be a great time to urge your two U.S. senators to support his nomination, even if you have done so before. You can do that in just moments right here on our Action Center.

Thank you for your action – and your prayerful encouragement – for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.