Transgender Man Sues to Force Woman to Give Him a Brazilian Wax

October 12

There are many reasons to vote this fall – from candidates to ballot measures. Voters in Massachusetts just got another reason, and the rest of America had better pay attention.

A few weeks ago, a man – who says he’s a woman – asked a Massachusetts spa for a full-body wax, including a Brazilian wax, which is the removal of all hair in the private and buttocks areas. Except the spa only provides intimate beauty services by women, for women.  For this reason, the spa had to turn the man away, but referred him to a men’s spa.

Any reasonable person would agree that the spa had every right to refuse to force one of their female employees to provide intimate services to this man. None of us would say that’s bigotry; it’s simply biology — and decency.

Yet, this man decided he had been discriminated against, and he enlisted the help of attorney Mason Dunn to file a complaint.

Interestingly enough, Mason Dunn is co-chairman of the LGBT’s radical ballot measure campaign, “Vote Yes on Question 3” in Massachusetts.

In 2016, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law to give special legal protections to people who claim to be transgender.  Among other impacts, it allowed men into the public-private spaces of women such as pool locker rooms and bathrooms. Women who object to a man in their private space can face legal action. Under the law, a mom could be fined for asking a man to leave a pool shower room, even if her young daughter is present!

Massachusetts cannot and should not be allowed to violate the constitutional rights of men and women in the name of false equality. There is a reason we have sex-segregated spaces in our culture. We have designated spaces exclusively for women and men to protect their natural and constitutional rights to privacy, dignity, and safety.

The demand for a Brazilian wax is a logical – though perverse – application of the new law’s requirement that there be no discrimination against those who claim to be transgendered.

This is why Family Policy Alliance is a major supporter of the efforts of Keep MA Safe and Massachusetts Family Institute. These organizations have partnered to mobilize thousands in Massachusetts to force the new law onto the ballot. On Nov. 6, if a majority of Massachusetts voters reject Question 3, the new law will be removed from the books.

These developments in Massachusetts are a shot across the bow to the rest of the nation, showing yet another place where the transgender agenda will lead.

But it’s also a reminder of the critical importance of voting – on ballot measures and on the elected officials who pass such destructive laws in the first place.