Voter Guides and Other Resources Are Here!

October 18

Election Day—Tuesday, November 6—is less than three weeks away, and early voting locations officially open this Saturday, October 20! As you prepare to select your candidates and cast your ballot, we want to share some valuable resources with you to help in your decision.

First of all, we have put together a pamphlet titled, “Voting Your Values.” This guide explains the importance of Christian civil engagement and voting, and provides answers to some common questions we receive.

Second, we want to share the following voting resources with you that have been compiled by some other local efforts and organizations. We hope this information, together with our resources, will assist you in your efforts to identify those candidates who share our values and those who will help move our state in a positive direction.

Remember, when Christians vote en masse for like-minded, honorable candidates, good things will happen in New Mexico. So, after you review this information, please take a moment and forward this email to your family members and friends.

Together, we have the power to advance Christian family values in policy, elections, and culture. And it begins when people of faith like us accept the tremendous rights, responsibilities, influence, and opportunities we have as citizens—including our right to VOTE!

 Voter Resources

Hispanic Action Network VOTER GUIDE

New Mexico Alliance for Life VOTER GUIDE

New Mexico Business Coalition SCORECARD


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