Vote for Jack Phillips?

October 24

Jack Phillips isn’t running for any election this year, but he sure has a lot riding on the outcome of one of the most closely watched races in this 2018 midterm election.

You know Jack as the family man and bakery owner from Colorado who was punished by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for declining to create custom cakes that would violate his sincere Christian faith.

Jack Phillips

Thankfully, just this June, the U.S. Supreme Court decisively ruled that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had violated Jack’s rights—with even liberal justices on the Court ruling in Jack’s favor in the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision. This hasn’t stopped the Commission from going after Jack again—this time for declining to create a cake celebrating a person’s “gender transition.”

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While Jack is back in court defending his faith, Colorado voters have a decision to make that will impact Jack, other people of faith in Colorado, and ultimately the entire country. The decision in the Colorado Governor’s race is one of the key races in the country this November.

Jared Polis

One of the candidates running for Colorado Governor is Jared Polis, an LGBT activist and liberal congressman who supports the Commission’s actions in targeting Jack for his faith. In fact, Polis has made supporting the Commission one of his key election platforms. And worse yet, as governor, Polis would have the power to appoint even more radical members to the Commission.

This means that things could get even worse for Jack and other people of faith in Colorado. 

The problem is—most voters in Colorado don’t know that Polis supports how the Commission targeted Jack, or that other states have already looked at the Colorado Commission as an example in how to target their own people of faith!

We need your help today!

We are working to reach as many voters as possible with this video, revealing how Polis will make things worse for Jack and other people of faith.

Will you stand with Jack and help spread the word? Every $20 reaches 500 key voters in Colorado!

Standing with Jack,

Paul Weber,
President & CEO

P.S. Jared Polis is ahead in the polls right now…but only by 7 points! This means that people of faith in Colorado can make the difference in this election! Please give to make sure as many voters as possible in Colorado know to Stand With Jack this election!


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