You Can Help Stop SOGIs Before They Start

October 25

Dear friends,

In the last few weeks, we’ve fought against proposed sexual orientation and gender identity “non-discrimination” ordinances (SOGI) in Mission and Prairie Village. It’s no coincidence that these laws popped up at the same time. During testimony, council members introducing the ordinances admitted that the passage of the Adoption Protection Act was a driving force behind the push from national LGBT advocacy organizations targeting Kansas.

In a new development, I’m now hearing from council members in other cities that they are receiving form letters from men and women in their community asking them to introduce a SOGI ordinance in their community. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign and ACLU are encouraging their grassroots supporters to push for further expansion of SOGI laws that trample on the rights of religious people.

Stopping these unnecessary, religious freedom infringing laws once they are proposed is tough. By that time, the liberal media, local activists, and progressive advocacy organizations are already putting immense pressure on council members. The most effective strategy is to stop SOGIs before they start.

You can help.

Call or email your city council members today and tell there’s no need for a SOGI in your community. Introducing unneeded laws that trample on the religious freedom rights of religious people and open the city up to expensive litigation are a bad idea. If business owners in your community are acting wrongly, you and your neighbors can figure out the best way to respond and make it stop.

That’s all it takes. Will you write to them today?


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

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