What’s Next on the Transgender Front? Here’s a Stunning List.

October 31

For years, the biggest fallout from the growing transgender movement has been the debate over the use of private spaces, especially bathrooms and locker rooms.

But while that debate will continue, the transgender demands are about to get much broader.  A look at recent stories in the news reveals a stunning array of concerns related to the transgender movement:

  1. Yes, the bathroom debate continues, and for good reason. A young girl in kindergarten was recently assaulted after a Georgia school allowed elementary school boys, who claim to have a transgender identity, into the girls’ bathroom.
  2. Adult Entertainment in Libraries. Libraries (and now schoolsacross the country have started to allow drag queens – adult entertainment – to groom our young children through children’s story time.
  3. Secret Information.The New Jersey Department of Education has directed schools to keep vital information about a child’s gender identity secret from parents.  If a parent has a disagreement with their child’s gender identity, school staff are urged to review information on reporting child abuse.
  4. Forced Intimate Services.A transgender-identifying man has sued a women’s spa in Massachusetts because it declined to give him a wax of his private areas. Radical leftists see no problem using the courts to force a female employee to provide intimate services to a man.
  5. Erasing Criminal Records. At least one man has sued to get a court to erase his criminal record because the law he was convicted under only applied to men. This man, now living life as a woman, has argued his criminal conviction “outs” him and is therefore unfair and discriminatory.
  6. Saving Money on Insurance.At least one man has admitted to lying – claiming to be a transgender female – so that he could save money on car insurance.

Thankfully, this radical agenda is getting pushback – particularly from President Trump and his administration. In less than two years, leaders in the Administration have rolled back Obama-era policies in these important areas:

Prisons.  The Federal Bureau of Prisons rolled back an Obama-era transgender mandate.   Federal prisons now avoid placing transgender inmates with the opposite biological sex, because doing so has exposed women to degradation, humiliation, harassment, and assault.

Military.  President Trump allowed the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security to decide whether or not they could implement Obama’s Transgender Mandate. After intense study, the departments found that admitting transgender-identifying individuals into the military was fundamentally unfair, cost prohibitive, and ultimately compromised the mission of the armed forces.

 Schools.  Perhaps one of the most controversial changes under Obama was to change the definition of “sex” to mean gender in federal education civil rights law. Under our current Administration, the Department of Health and Human Service is now trying to push-back against the Left and make sure the law is clear that sex is an unchangeable scientific fact.

What can you do to push back on the radical transgender agenda?  At this moment, perhaps the most important thing you can do is vote.

Your vote for those who support family values can help ensure that we have elected officials who will stand for truth and represent our families. Do not underestimate the importance of your voice in next week’s election. Please vote on November 6 (or earlier) and make sure our message is loud and clear!

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