The Christmas Present EVERY Georgia Child Needs

November 1

At 1 ½, Peyton was ready to defend his values and his future Christmas’. Will you join us to give Georgia children the best gift possible?

The other day I made a major mistake. I asked my oldest son Peyton what he wanted for Christmas. Thinking he would provide a couple items of interest, he provided a list- a LONG list. You see, my 4-year-old isn’t shy about sharing what he thinks he needs, and he made sure I took notes.

But, as we approach the holiday season (have you been in stores lately? The Christmas decorations are out!), I know one thing that all 3 of my sons desperately need: a governor who cares about them, their future, and their values.

That governor is Brian Kemp. It most certainly is not Stacey Abrams.

Brian Kemp has devoted himself to raising his 3 daughters, running his businesses, and answering the call to serve our state.

Stacey Abrams has spent her spare time writing adult romance novels with titles such as “Secrets and Lies,” “Deception,” “Hidden Sins,” and “The Art of Deception.” Written under a pseudonym of Selena Montgomery, Stacey’s works are described as containing “lots of sex,” designed for “mature” audiences, and borderline pornographic (this isn’t exactly my preferred genre so I’m taking others’ words for it here). And, when she’s not writing about sex, she’s plotting her presidential campaign.

Brian Kemp believes that our schools exist to provide the best education and path forward for our kids. He believes that every Georgia child has the inherent “right to rise” and that education provides opportunity for all. Because of this, he supports parents and children, their right to make the best decision for their future, and school choice options that allow our children to have the ability to find the best fit for their individual needs.

Stacey Abrams says she will be the “Public Education” governor, roll back school choice options that allow kids to leave failing schools, and increase sex education in our schools. Moreover, she promised the crowd of people at the Atlanta Gay Pride Parade that she would use public schools as a place where children could discover their gender identity.

Brian Kemp believes in Georgia’s children, believes in hard work, and believes they should keep what they earn- for themselves and their families.

Stacey Abrams is endorsed by the Socialist Party, wants to raise taxes, and has grossly mismanaged her own finances. She earned income as an M-rated novelist, attorney, state rep who made questionable and concerning per diem claims, and non-profit executive making as much as $180,000 yet failed to pay her taxes while also loaning her campaign $50,000.

Brian Kemp understands that each of my children were designed and known by their Creator- even in the womb- and that they are special with individual needs.

Stacey Abrams is endorsed by Planned Parenthood as one of the most radical pro-abortion candidates in the country and believes that all children can be denied the right to life- up until the moment of birth.

Brian Kemp is a man of faith, and he believes that my sons should have the right to live out their faith in worship, at home, at school, and at their place of business.

Stacey Abrams says that biblical truths are “discriminatory” and has made stopping religious freedom legislation- freedoms even federal prisoners enjoy- a centerpiece of her campaign.

My friends, my children, your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors’ children, that loud kid from across the street, the shy kid at your church, and that niece or nephew you love so much but rarely see- ALL children- deserve the kind of future that Brian Kemp will fight for. Give them that Christmas gift!!!

The contrast could not be stronger or more severe. Brian Kemp has the experience, integrity, and principles needed to deliver a brighter, more prosperous, and freer future.

As we enter November, it’s way too early for Christmas carols, but it’s NOT too early to think about what we hope to give our kids. Your vote for Brian Kemp and your effort to help him win is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

For the next generation,

President and Executive Director


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