Breaking: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Wes Cantrell for State House

November 2

It is my privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsement of Representative Wes Cantrell in his campaign for re-election to the State House.

If you happen to see Wes Cantrell under the Gold Dome, he is most likely smiling. That’s because he genuinely enjoys serving others. He’s not one who loves politics or relishes the praise of others. Instead, he is a servant-leader who takes great pleasure in delivering results for those he represents.

Wes is the embodiment of a “happy warrior.” He operates with a sincere passion for issues and is unyielding in championing the values and principles that matter. Yet, he does so with grace, compassion, humility, and winsomeness. A major reason he has proven so effective is that every colleague and every constituent know that he cares about them as people, and his commitment to the success of every Georgian is unmatched.

We need more people like Wes serving our state. He cares about families, champions human life, and is a strong advocate for educational freedom. We know we can count on Wes to stand up for our values and protect the rights we hold dear.

I have the utmost regard for Wes, his character, his personality, and his fidelity to his principles. It’s an honor to partner with him under the Gold Dome, and you are privileged to have him as your representative. If you have not done so already, make certain that you show up to vote for Wes Cantrell and that your friends and neighbors do the same!

Standing with Wes Cantrell,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia