“Every Vote Critical”; Still Time to Cast Yours!

November 6

Yesterday, the last batch of polls came in, and they confirmed how tight many races are – from U.S. Senate races to governor’s races and more.

Today, there are reports of voter turnout that is well above average in many places, which could further complicate the predictions that political prognosticators have been making.

The bottom line is that no one truly knows what to expect tonight, and that makes every vote critical today!

If you haven’t voted yet, please consider the following:

  1. Every year, key races come down to just a few votes or even a tie – like a 2017 race in Virginia that would determine which party controlled the entire state House. After recounts, it ended in an exact tie.  Thankfully – for life and religious freedom – a coin flip to decide the race went the right way.
  2. But here’s another way to think about the importance of your vote. Countless races every year – including major races – are decided by a single vote per precinctWill YOU be that difference-making vote from your neighborhood?

If you – or a friend or family member – needs last-minute voting information, here are links to voter guides from all over the country.

Thanks for making your voice heard with your vote!

The Family Policy Alliance Team