Election- Here’s what we know

November 7

In a wild night that highlighted conflict felt by voters across the county- both a conflict with each other along intensely partisan lines and an internal conflict of frustration with both parties- there is cause for concern and celebration.

Certainly, Nancy Pelosi’s likely return to the position of House Speaker is alarming, but there is reason to cheer as- with voting being counted in Arizona, Montana, and Florida- it appears the conservative majority in the Senate will grow.

Now, to Georgia.

I was in Athens at the Kemp Victory Party until after 3am, and, even as votes are still being counted, there is reason to feel good. Here’s what we know:

  • Brian Kemp holds a rough 2% lead over Stacey Abrams- checking in at 50.4%. No one is challenging the fact that he received more votes in this election. What is less clear at the moment is whether there are enough votes outstanding to drive him below 50% and force a runoff. It does not appear that will be the case, but we still need to wait (as Abrams refuses to concede) to declare victory.
  • There is no such drama with FPA endorsed candidate for Lt. Governor, Geoff Duncan. He emerged the victor with roughly 52% of the vote. This is a HUGE win for pro-family conservatives as Geoff truly shares our values!
  • Other statewide Republicans won except at Secretary of State, where Brad Raffensperger was the top vote-getter with 49.2%. Still, it appears that he is headed to a runoff with Democrat John Barrow.
  • In Congress, it appears that Republican Karen Handel came up short against Democrat Lucy McBath and Republican Rob Woodall is a slight leader over Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux. Neither race has been officially called, but, should these results hold, it will be disappointing to see Karen Handel leave Congress.
  • Down ballot, the results were mixed with some real heartbreakers. Since some of these are very close, I won’t list the races where we are behind but still counting. However, generally Gwinnett County- Georgia’s 2nd largest was difficult for conservatives. Democrats made significant gains in the State House and picked up a couple of seats in the Senate. It appears that we lost some close friends and strong allies, and I will update you as the results become final.
  • Overall, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia had 16 endorsed candidates that were facing opponents yesterday. 11 have won. Brian Kemp appears to have won. Three more, however, are narrowly behind.

Please remain in prayer. Nationally, those of us most concerned about the Supreme Court are pleased with the likelihood that there is a greater buffer for a conservative nominee to be confirmed.

At the state level, we are thrilled with the Geoff Duncan win, and we are cautiously optimistic that Brian Kemp will be declared the victor in the coming hours/days. I cannot overstate how significant that would be for our state!

However, if the numbers stand, the legislative races were tough. I will provide more detail, analysis, and an outlook for the future in the coming days, but it is very concerning to see certain shifts- especially in Gwinnett County as well as portions of Fulton and Cobb.

I hope to email you soon with good news.

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. Family Policy Alliance invests heavily in Georgia—for the 2018 election, but also year round. This is because we believe in Georgia, and we are committed to restoring a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. That vision starts in the states—it starts in Georgia. We are honored to put our full support behind Family Policy Alliance of Georgia because we know that is what it takes to achieve a big vision—it takes leaders on the ground who live and work in Georgia, partnering with pastors and churches, Christian business leaders, pro-family elected leaders, families, and you.

While elections are important, we are committed to seeing God’s people “stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32) in Georgia every day—not just for any single election. May God bless you and your family, and know that we are a movement of states working together nationally, standing with and supporting you in Georgia.

Standing with you,
Paul Weber's Signature
Paul Weber, President & CEO
Family Policy Alliance