COLORADO: After the Election, Now What?

November 8

On Tuesday, Colorado took a giant step to the Left. The voters of our state chose as their leader someone who is not only the first openly gay man to be elected governor in any state, but he can accurately be described as the first gay activist to be elected governor.

Jared Polis was one of the three LGBT-inspired mega-donors who joined with Tim Gill more than a decade ago – pouring multiplied millions into transforming Colorado politics and policies.

Now, he’s governor. And after his party took control of the state Senate on Tuesday, he has his friends and allies in charge of both houses of the legislature. If you’re familiar with the Polis progressive agenda, that’s a scary reality for our state:

  • Jared Polis and his allies aren’t just pro-choice. They are radically pro-abortion.
  • They aren’t just pro-LGBT. They want to force Coloradans to salute the LGBT agenda, even if it means violating your conscience – just as they tried to do with Jack Phillips.
  • And they aren’t just liberal. Their agenda is far-left progressive, including a government take-over of healthcare that would harm individuals and turn Colorado’s budget into a look-alike of California’s.

So what are we to do now?

  • Pray for Jared Polis and the other state leaders. The Bible tells us to. Don’t pray for God’s blessing on his agenda items that contradict biblical truth. But do pray for God to work in and through Polis and other leaders – for their eternal good and for the good of the people of this state.
  • Stand firm and take action. The people of God in Daniel’s time faced a much more difficult reality, yet God expected them to “stand firm and take action” (Dan. 11:32). This is not a time to either waffle or despair. Boldly – yet lovingly – stand for the truth and engage with your government leaders.
  • Enlist with CFA. One of the best ways to engage is to join with our allies at Colorado Family Action, an independent group that we launched several years ago. While Family Policy Alliance is actively involved in Colorado, CFA is the group that is down at the capitol, talking with policy makers on a daily basis, and calling people like you to action when it’s needed most.

Finally, here’s a little perspective that may be an encouragement. Remember when Barrack Obama was first elected in 2008? It didn’t take long for Americans to wake up and realize the damage that his radical agenda was having on our country. Just two years later, Obama’s party lost 65 seats in the U.S. House.

Positive change can happen quickly.  To that end, let’s pray, stand firm and engage for action!