November 6 Advanced Pro-Family Values in Idaho

November 8

Statesmen Alumnus, Sage Dixon, goes to the polls on November 6.

We were up into the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday awaiting results from Idaho’s election. While, the race for governor was called almost as soon as the polls closed, it took well into yesterday to hear about many of the other races that we engaged in across Idaho. Across the state, we engaged in nine different races and eight of those candidates were victorious. Included in those wins is an alumnus of Statesmen Academy®, Sage Dixon, who won with 66% of his district.

We are saddened by the passage of Medicaid expansion and what the passage of that initiative will mean for pre-born babies across Idaho. But we will never stop fighting to ensure that women are aware of all the life-giving options available to them. On the whole, we are encouraged by the results in Idaho and the direction of the state.

These results only happen because each of you did your part in making your voice heard. Because of you, Idaho will continue to be a place that fights for each person’s God given rights and value.

Now our focus turns to the legislative session which begins in just two short months. We are excited to work with Governor-elect Little to pass legislation that will promote families and protect your values. Our team is working hard to prepare legislation that will advance these values. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks and prepare to work with us throughout the legislative session.

Excited for the days ahead,

Brittany Jones
Policy Director