The List

November 29

We all make lists. To-do lists for home, school, and work (usually on sticky notes for me), grocery lists, Christmas lists and so on. My son also recently made a list that I really liked and wanted to share. Chris works part time at a local grocery store and the day before Thanksgiving he casually asked each person coming through his check-out line what they were most thankful for. I thought it was an inspired idea and indirectly spoke into what people prioritized as most important in their lives. While certainly not a rigorous statistical survey, the results were nevertheless quite interesting. He received 161 responses and here are how they broke out.

Two things stand out when I look at these results. First, it’s obvious that the number one thing these people were thankful for, by a large margin, was family. They get it. Family is the basis for communities, communities the basis for societies, and societies are the basis for nations. God created the very first family in the Garden of Eden when he brought Adam and Eve together. The family remains the cornerstone of every other aspect of life. It is not coincidental that we are Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota®.

My second observation is that every major category on this table is one where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota defends your values.

  • We fight to uphold and protect your family.
  • We advocate for health care protections for everyone, from infants to the elderly, because we believe every life is worth fighting for.
  • We fight for the rights of preborn children by supporting efforts that protect life from conception, such as pro-life pregnancy centers.
  • We work to protect religious freedom, so you can exercise your faith in your place of business, and the list goes on.

In other words, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota represents you and your beliefs on roughly 86% of this list.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is on the front lines fighting to protect the blessings you value most. If we all stay true to our values, then perhaps someday, if a creative cashier asks our children or grandchildren what they are thankful for, they will be able to give the same answers.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director