Family Policy Alliance Endorses John Raymond for Louisiana State House in the 90th District

December 7

It is our privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance endorsement of Rev. John Raymond in his campaign for State House, and we urge you to vote, bring your friends and neighbors, and elect this honorable leader TOMORROW (December 8th) in this special election.

We aren’t done yet. In this critical mid-term election, pro-family voters showed up in record numbers around the country to deliver a Senate that will confirm conservative Supreme Court justices and oppose the Pelosi liberal agenda.

But, now, you have an opportunity to send a signal across Louisiana that your community is committed to protecting life and defending religious freedom. That’s why we are urging you to support John Raymond.

John Raymond is a conservative and a man of deep faith and conviction. He is committed to protecting every life and ensuring that every person is treated with dignity from conception to natural death. Understanding that we are at a pivotal juncture with a Court that could move toward sending the life issue back to the states, John Raymond will be a proactive leader championing the unborn.

On the issue of religious freedom, John Raymond can also be counted on to stop the leftist agenda that attacks people of faith. He will preserve our rights, stand up to liberal organizations that attack us, and ensure that the First Amendment is protected for all across Louisiana.

Yes, the Christmas season is here, and it’s difficult to think about politics on a Saturday in December. But, this is not the time to rest or sit on the sidelines. Our intel suggests this election will be very close, and YOUR VOTE COULD MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

As the Left continues to attack our values here in Louisiana and across the country, we need stalwart defenders of the family in Baton Rouge. John Raymond is the candidate that offers such leadership.

Please. Take the time out of your weekend tomorrow. Vote Rev. John Raymond for State House, 90th District. Bring your friends, family, and neighbors. Urge your fellow church members to join you. Share this email. Make the difference and win this race for Louisiana families!

Because this Election Matters,

Family Policy Alliance


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