What Prime-Time TV Isn’t Telling You

December 14

As is becoming the norm, prime-time television continues to glamorize the serious and grave consequences of those struggling with gender dysphoria. Recently, the NBC drama, New Amsterdam, told the story of a teen girl requesting a sex-change operation from a doctor and against her parents’ advice. The doctor turned her down, and the teen responded with a hateful social media campaign.  Sadly, this fictitious drama is more like a reality TV show.

Hulu features the show Transparent, which is centered around a middle-aged man who slowly transitions to a woman before the eyes of his broken family. And most of us have probably heard of I am Jazz, the popular TLC Drama that has been highlighting the transition of Jazz Jennings since he was 14. Jazz’s parents have allowed the cameras to follow Jazz for years, even as he had a sex-change operation at the age of 17!

Yet, Hollywood has no problem leaving out some of the more horrific aspects of these operations and how harmful medical transitioning can be to the individual struggling with gender dysphoria.

Last week, we covered The Wounds No One Wants to Talk About—a very raw look at real physical and emotional wounds “transitioning” can cause. This week, we highlight how allowing individuals to medically transition can be harmful to others. Here are three things Hollywood won’t tell you:

  1. Medical Resources intended for Women are being used by Men—For example, in Colorado a state medical program provides free or low-cost healthcare for low-income women who need breast and cervical cancer screenings. The program has been opened up to men, who say they’re women. For every appointment a man makes, he is taking resources away from a woman in need and perpetuating misinformation as to what sexes are truly at risk for certain health conditions.
  2. Fake medical care is being offered to men– Several cancer research institutes are specifically educating transgender-identifying men on their need to get their “cervix” checked—by an Ob-Gyn. Men do not have cervixes and are incapable of getting cervix cancer, even after a sex-change operation. Ob-Gyn’s provide services to women and specialize in women’s health. No matter what a man does to his body, he cannot get female-specific cancers, and he should not be seeing female doctors. Doctors should certainly not be offering pretend “pap-smears” and “cervical exams” for men to support their delusion of becoming women. This shift in medical care ultimately harms transgender individuals because they are not getting appropriate services for cancer screenings they truly need.
  3. Medical care for transitioning individuals is still wildly experimental – As we’ve discussed in the past, medical treatment for gender confusion is still experimental. The medical community still requires a psychological diagnosis for these individuals to medically transition, begging the question as to why we would not provide more psychological treatment and support. Studies have also shown medical treatment can make the psychological depression of a transgender-identifying individual much worse, indicating we are not treating the true problem.

Hollywood may not be the most reliable source for giving the complete picture on the gender debate, but Family Policy Alliance will strive to bring light to every aspect of this issue as we seek out compassionate and honest ways to help individuals struggling with gender dysphoria. As we approach another round of state legislative sessions beginning in January, we hope you will partner with us in speaking truth in love—and holding our elected leaders accountable to do the same.


For Truth,

Stephanie Curry, Esq.
Policy Manager