For God So Loved Georgia…

December 21

Arguably the most well-known verse in the Bible, John 3:16, is a source of comfort for our work during Christmas time.

The “For God so loved the world” portion of the verse has implications that are theologically loaded, and I will do my best to avoid landmines here. But, here’s what I believe is abundantly clear: God’s plan of redemption isn’t just about individuals; there is a corporate element to it as well.

I’ve always found it fascinating that love of the “world” was described as the rationale sending Christ to earth. We see God’s love of the world as well in Revelation and the descriptions of a new earth, one where the “bride” comes down from heaven.

Yes, Jesus became flesh, lived a perfect life, died, and rose again for every believer as an individual, but the earth itself, albeit renewed, and a collective group of people is also a source of his redemptive motivation. His purpose is to see His world made new and His people made His bride, and that should be our purpose as well.

Before Christ returns, we will never see Georgia made perfect. But, if the aims of our Lord are to be the desires of our heart, then we should labor toward that end. We should know that a love of what Georgia was designed to be and what He will make it again was part of the motivation for our Savior coming to earth, and we should, therefore, understand that it and its people are worth our labor and devotion.

As we celebrate Christmas, we know that the babe in the manger didn’t come to remain a precious child. He came to deliver salvation to sinners and to redeem the world. He came to bring light and hope in the midst of darkness and to conquer sin and death. As we seek to be like Him, may His motivations and His purpose be ours.

I believe that opportunities abound in our state to seek and bring about His glory. The Lord has blessed us with great progress over 2018, and, together, may we love the world and love Georgia as He does.

With great hope and joy,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director