A Happy 2019 New Year Thank You!

January 4

On behalf of Family Policy Alliance, the alliance of men and women working in state capitals across the nation and in Washington, DC. and the Statesmen you helped train and elect, I want to thank you for your very generous prayers, support and time throughout 2018 to advance family values in our nation.

Your generous support—especially in the days leading up to the New Year—will enable Family Policy Alliance to:

  • Advance legislation to secure your parental rights, defend the dignity of life and amplify the voice of the Church in the public square
  • Train and equip another able class of Statesmen this summer—men and women called to the mission field of politics—to bring about transformation from the inside. This coming legislative term, 52 Statesmen are serving you in office across the nation and in DC
  • Start an Unleashing Biblical Citizenship: 2020 Election Fund to continue the momentum from 2016; stop the left’s agenda from undermining your values; and ensure that we secure conservative, constitutional justices for the next two—and possibly three—Supreme Court vacancies that are sure to come with the next Presidency

Thank you again for joining with us in our unwavering commitment to a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished!

Standing for the family,

Paul Weber
President & CEO