Ask the Senate Judiciary Committee to Protect Our Wives and Daughters!

January 21

Fellow North Dakotans,

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are about to render an opinion on a bill critical to your religious freedom and the protection of your wives and daughters. Senate Bill 2303 attempts to enshrine “sexual orientation” and “gender identify” in the same protected classes as race and religion and would be disastrous to your biblical values.

The government should be in the business of protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms –not punishing people for our ideas and beliefs. In other states, laws like Senate Bill 2303 have been used to force business owners, like Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman, to provide goods and services in a manner that violates their sincerely-held religious beliefs. Senate Bill 2303 would also allow men (who say they’re women) to enter the private spaces of women and girls (e.g. bathrooms, locker rooms) putting women and children at greater risk.

This is a dangerous bill, which is why we need your help! In just seconds, you can send a message to all of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging them to protect religious freedom and the privacy and safety of women and children by opposing Senate Bill 2303. Send your message now! Now is the time to speak up to protect your family here in North Dakota!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director