Don’t ya think?

January 24

“Don’t ya think?”

It’s a phrase we say when something is so blatantly obvious that we are merely trying to confirm near-certain agreement. Or, for those of us who are married, it’s a phrase that- when we hear it- we know that we are at least supposed to be in agreement.

As the legislative session kicks into gear, it occurs to me that most of what we are fighting for involves “don’t ya think” kind of statements- points that really should get consensus affirmation.

  • Don’t you think the free exercise of religion should be treated with at least the same regard as the other aspects of the First Amendment?
  • Don’t you think Georgians should have at least the same religious freedom protections as the federal prisoners that reside in our state?
  • Don’t you think a teacher or coach of faith should be able to bow their head during a student-led prayer?
  • Don’t you think that a student that earns the right to give a graduation speech should be able to acknowledge their faith as a source of inspiration in those remarks?
  • Don’t you think a student should have the right to read his/her Bible during their lunch break?
  • Don’t you think that a homeschooled child should have the right to play a sport or participate in a club at their local public school- which is being funded by their family’s hard-earned tax dollars?
  • Don’t you think it should be mandatory for a doctor to receive parental consent before placing a Do Not Resuscitate order on a minor child?
  • Don’t you think that a child with a beating heart, eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, fingers, and toes is worth protecting?

My friends, none of what we are fighting for should be controversial. In fact, they are truths that have commonly been held for much of our history. But, that won’t stop the Left from fighting against us.

That’s why we continue to need your help. As our bills move through the process, we need your prayers and we need your response to the alerts that will soon be coming to your Inbox. We also need your financial support as we fund our legislative program. If you want to help us stand for these clear truths, please consider a generous donation today.

We are hard at work building the support for these issues that are near and dear to our heart, and your support is making a difference. Don’t ya think it’s time for Georgia to take the lead, do the right thing, and stand for truth? I do, and it’s a joy to partner with you.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director