The Ongoing March for Life

January 24

On a cold, blustery day in January in 1973, the Supreme Court announced its decision in the now famous case of Roe v. Wade sentencing millions of babies to death before they even breathed their first breath. On Tuesday, on a similarly cold day in January, hundreds of Kansans turned out to stand up for those lives and pray for the end of abortion.

Our March mirrored the thousands gathered last Friday in D.C. to let elected officials and the watching world know that all lives, no matter their location, should be cherished and protected. On Tuesday, I joined many of you at the rally for the March for Life in Kansas. There was a multitude of speakers from many walks of life, however, each of us was united in one cause.

In other pro-life news, Kansas has been named again in the Top 5 of pro-life states by our national ally Americans United for Life (AUL). AUL produces a yearly report that rates each state from 1 to 50. This is the second year that Kansas has ranked number 5.

Some of the reasons for this listing are that we ban abortions when it is proven that a baby can feel pain in the womb, we ban abortions based on sex selection, we have strong informed consent and waiting periods, and no taxpayer funds can be used for abortion, including subsidizing them through public health care exchanges.

Further, our laws that allow a criminal penalty to be enhanced if a person kills a pregnant woman and allowing a mother to recover civil damages if her child is killed in the womb, bolster our status as a strong pro-life state. However, there is still more work to be done, like making sure women know that it may be possible to reverse their chemical abortions and adopting a state constitutional amendment declaring that there is no right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution. If you would like to read the full report, it can be found here.

The national and state Marches for Life are a call for all of us to commit to praying and working to end abortion. We not only want to move up the pro-life list but more than anything we want to see the end of a culture that believes the death of a baby is right – we want to see a Kansas where life is cherished. And so, the march continues.

Marching with you,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

P.S. It was reported this week that, in 2017, there were 6,800 abortions in Kansas, which is the lowest number in 30 years and significantly less than the peak of 12,400 20 years ago. Our efforts are working – and we can work together to reduce that number even further.