Guess Who’s Back?

February 2

…or more like refuses to exit the stage. Stacey Abrams is mounting another run, and it’s up to us to stop the agenda that will destroy our state!

If you opt to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, you will see an ad featuring Stacey Abrams (in what is really an illegal coordinated contribution to her campaign), and you may have heard that she will now deliver the “response” to President Trump’s State of the Union.

All this as Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, and others are recruiting her for a likely run against pro-life Senator David Perdue in 2020.

But, why? Why all this energy behind Stacey Abrams?

Abrams ran on a pro-abortion, anti-family values platform in her failed bid to lead our state. After losing, she sued- trying to cheat- in an effort to count illegal votes. When refusing to concede, she announced that she would operate a non-profit- one aimed at undermining Georgia law and advancing her political career.

And, the Left thinks this will work as they try to turn our state against our values.

In 2018, numerous seats formerly held by pro-life, pro-family officials were flipped to pro-abortion, radical leftists. In fact, many of those newly electeds are now leading the charge on issues that would do severe damage to the values we hold dear. Their hope is to now replicate this in 2020- a year where the President, U.S. Senator, every congressional, and legislative seat will be on the ballot.

We have to stand strong! MILLIONS will flood into Georgia from San Francisco, New York, and the Schumer-Pelosi DC machine. Will Bible-believing, pro-family concerned Georgians stand firm and take action against the Left’s liberal agenda for our state? The battle for 2020 begins now, and we are asking you to help build our campaign warchest with a generous gift today.

Your generous support could pay dividends in dozens of races. Remember, our hard-fought wins of 2018 and the strong leadership we have under Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan could take a severe hit if we shift farther leftward at the federal level and under the Gold Dome. Now, is the time to gear up to ensure we keep moving in the RIGHT direction!

For a Georgia that Stands for Families,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

PS. The Left is now openly advocating for infanticide, for schools that affirm a young student’s false “gender identity” and undermine the home, and for a fundamental assault on the First Amendment. If the Left has their way, New York style abortion laws will become the law of the land, and Georgia is Ground Zero in this battle. Please support our efforts to elect pro-family candidates today.