We Are a Battleground

February 7

In case you didn’t realize it, you live in a battleground state.

After President Trump delivered a positive vision for a nation that included strong defense for the unborn on Tuesday, Georgia socialist Stacey Abrams trumpeted Roe v. Wade and put forward a melancholy, Far Left forecast. This contrast sets the stage for an intense 2020 cycle in Georgia where the race for President, U.S. Senate, and every legislative seat will be heavily contested.

And, we got a foreshadowing of what this means over the past week.

Last Wednesday, the top agenda item for Planned Parenthood and NARAL- the innocuous sounding but utterly evil Equal Rights Amendment- was dropped in the Senate with significant backing from Republicans. This well-funded and organized effort was buoyed by a media rollout and numerous activists roaming the halls of the Capitol with stickers declaring Georgia would be the 38th state to ratify. The Left had made their play, and they had significant momentum.

Then, YOU made a difference.

Late last week, we and others worked to get the word out, inform legislators who had been given false information, and drive action. Now, while we cannot let our guard down, I believe we have re-taken the momentum on this issue.

But, the Left didn’t stop there.

Atheist and LGBT groups began attacking HB 53, which we are partnering with our friend Rep. Kasey Carpenter on, by making false claims that this bill was discriminatory. This is absurd! Even the AJC stated the bill required schools to be neutral toward religion and merely allows for the free expression of faith as allowed in the First Amendment.

Yet, the liberals went beyond lying to the media and called for a boycott and phony negative reviews of Rep. Carpenter’s business. This personal attack is out-of-bounds and shows just far the Left will go to deceive and attack those who stand up for families.

This is a battleground, and the battle has begun. There are opportunities in our state, yes. And, yes, we have some OUTSTANDING leaders that we have been proud to support. But, all that we can accomplish is being targeted by a Left intent on tearing us down.

To stand with us today, please join us with a gift and by sending a note to your Georgia legislators encouraging them to stand strong for families here. You can find your legislators here.

In just the last week, we have seen the Left attempt to make Georgia a launching pad for the so-called Resistance, aim to make our state the 38th state in ratifying a pro-abortion constitutional amendment, and attack a faithful public servant who just wants to do the right thing. Now, is the time to stand together and push back.

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director