Ask Your Legislators to Protect Your Religious Freedoms

February 8

Fellow North Dakotans,

Do you want to live in a state where the government has the power to pick winners and losers, and even to divide friends and family? A place where business owners are forced to give up their faith in order to earn a living? With the passage of House Bill 1441, that’s exactly what would happen.

House Bill 1441 is being marketed as a “softer version” of Senate Bill 2303 and seeks to enshrine “sexual orientation” as a protected class, similar to race and religion. This language would still be disastrous to North Dakotans. Other states that have laws like HB 1441 use these laws to force private business owners to provide goods and services that violate their faith and conscience (e.g a cake or invitations for same-sex weddings) and require faith-based organizations to hire staff whose lifestyles might be against their sincerely-held religious beliefs. If you stand by your faith, you risk being sued and losing your business! If passed, HB 1441 would trample the religious freedoms that have been protected through blood and sweat since the founding of our country. This bill is so bad, even the ACLU and North Dakota LGBT activist groups do not support it!

We need your help in encouraging the House Human Services Committee to render a “DO NOT PASS” decision on this bill.  Click here and in just seconds, you can send a message to all members of the committee, urging them to protect religious freedom by opposing House Bill 1441! You can also testify or even just show up at the hearing scheduled for 9:00 am Monday, February 11 at the Capitol in the Brynhild Haugland Room. Now is the time to speak up to protect your religious freedoms here in North Dakota!