CO Sex-Ed Bill: Now YOUR Rep Gets to Vote. Your Voice Needed!

February 13

The controversial Colorado bill that would require that Colorado students learn about “the sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, [and] transgender individuals” is about to be voted on by your state representative.

House Bill 1032, which we’ve been telling you about, is likely to be voted on in the Colorado House on Thursday. Though the bill is likely to pass the House, it is still vital that representatives hear from their people en masse.

We’ve seen it before, including last year in California: When the people make their voice heard at every vote – every juncture of the bill’s journey through the legislature – terrible bills like this one can eventually be defeated through growing controversy. Our best hope for winning is in the state Senate, but to do that we need to make our voices heard right now in the House!

Despite claims you may have heard in the media, this bill is still just as bad as ever. It still mandates that students are taught about LGBT sexual experiences. And it still forbids any teaching that even implicitly calls to mind moral teaching that has a negative view on such conduct.

Family Policy Alliance and our state ally, Colorado Family Action, continue to fight this assault on Colorado kids.  Will you join us today by taking action?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Please send a note to your state representative. We’ve made it simple on our Action Center. You can send it there in just seconds.
  2. After you’ve sent your note, you’ll get a follow-up message with your state representative’s phone number. Please take a moment to call and politely leave a message asking them to oppose HB 1032.
  3. Share with others. Let’s build the momentum and raise an unmistakable chorus that can’t be avoided in the halls of the capitol!

Thanks for your prayers, your action and for spreading the word!

The Family Policy Alliance Team