Helping People Love

February 15


Happy Valentine’s Day! In our house, I work to ensure that this day is properly celebrated as it is also my birthday AND (now) the 8-year anniversary of my wife agreeing to marry me (a HUGE win for me… not so much for her).

As we celebrate this day and as Hallmark and 1-800-Flowers rake in the cash, it’s an important reminder that love is, in fact, worth celebrating. It’s worth celebrating the truth that God loves us and that He commands that we love others.

This reality is also at the heart (pun intended) of our ministry. Yes, we engage in politics- often perceived as more of a “blood sport” than an act of love- but we are designed to reflect the Lord’s admonition to love our neighbor.

Our efforts this legislative session may be deemed “controversial” by the Left and by the media, but loving others is at the reason for what we do.

It is loving others to protect all human life, especially the unborn- the most vulnerable among us. It is loving to ensure that all have the right to live out their faith without fear of reprisal from the government. It is loving to affirm that students and faculty should not lose their First Amendment rights when they walk through a school door. It is loving to ensure that opportunity abounds for every student and that educational choice is a reality for every family.

On this Valentine’s Day, please join us in affirming the call to love. Pray for our leaders that they will embrace this. Work in your community to change hearts and minds around the truth of God’s love and what that means for public policy. And, consider partnering today with our ministry as we seek to share our message in a winsome and loving way.

With love and hope,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director