Saving Innocent Lives and More

February 21

Thanks to assistance from our allies and your help, many bills supporting pro-life and pro-family values have passed the first chamber where they were introduced! Now comes the remaining part of our work; getting these same bills passed in the other chamber.

One key life bill is House Bill 1336, the Abortion Chemical Pill Reversal Bill. This bill would require that doctors tell women who are seeking abortions that if she changes her mind after taking the first abortion pill, the process can be reversed! But she has to seek medical attention immediately. This bill ensures women have access to the best information available prior to making a life-changing choice. This bill passed in the House and has now been referred to the Senate Human Services Committee for consideration.

Another key bill is HB 1546, Banning Human Dismemberment Abortions. This bill is simple and vitally important to honoring life in the womb. It would ban abortionists from dismembering a living preborn child as a method of abortion in the state of North Dakota. We fully support this ban and are encouraged it is moving to the next chamber.

Other life bills listed below include urging Congress to pass a ban on late-term abortions (HCR 3029) and expanding opportunities for mothers, who find themselves in impossible circumstances, more opportunities to safely surrender their newborn (HB 1285).

In addition to these important life bills, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota continues to remain involved in other areas like education (increasing home school opportunities, HB 1052 and HB 1464; incentivizes funding for private schools (HB 1384), and anti-trafficking efforts (HB 1541).

The table below lets you know what bills to expect in the Senate in the coming weeks and our position on each bill. We know we’ll need your help contacting legislators, so please continue to watch for alerts and opportunities to be involved!

Thank you for your continued prayers, action, and financial support of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and our work on behalf of you and your families!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director