ACTION ALERT: ALL Children Deserve the Right to Participate

February 27

Did you know that Georgia is among the shrinking minority that denies homeschool children the right to participate in the sports and clubs their tax dollars pay for at the local high school?

TAKE ACTION NOW to tell the Senate Education Committee that you support ALL children having the right to participate. (Their contact information is below.)

Last Friday, Senator Bruce Thompson introduced SB 163, our “Tebow Bill” or the “Equal Opportunity for Access in Education Act.” If passed, this bill would end the discrimination against homeschool families in Georgia, and it would open up opportunity for more families to choose that educational route if they feel it is best for their child.

Many families that are inclined to homeschool face a difficult decision. Do they opt to homeschool knowing that it means their child must sacrifice the ability to play sports or participate in clubs, opportunities that are often crucial parts of a student’s development?

We believe that school choice is a fundamental right, and it is unconscionable to force parents and their children to choose between the education they desire and the extracurricular activities they hope to pursue. ACT NOW to urge committee members to bring Georgia in line with the rest of the country by ensuring every child has the right to participate.

A strong majority of states- including 9 of the top 10 states for education- have passed Tebow legislation and more are joining the ranks every year. Let’s serve the children of our great state by passing this much needed bill!

Here is the contact information you need:
P.K Martin 404-463-6598
John Wilkinson 404-463-5257
Freddie Powell Sims 404-463-5259
Matt Brass 404-463-1376
Lindsey Tippins 404-657-0406
Ellis Black 404-463-6597
Greg Dolezal 404-656-7127
Lester Jackson 404-463-5261
Donzella James 404-463-1379
Elena Parent 404-656-5109
Jesse Stone 404-463-1314

Because EVERY child has the right to play,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director