LIFE UPDATE & ACTION ALERT: Calls, Emails, and Public Testimony Needed for Thursday Committee Hearing!

February 27

Friends—the battle for the future of our state continues and we need your engagement to stay strong for the remaining 18 days of the Legislative Session!

Action Alert:

 On Thursday, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee will consider two important bills related to abortion—HB 600 and HB 608.

  • HB 600 would enact new protections for women, children, and physicians, including a ban on elective, late-term abortions up-to-birth; a parental notification requirement for minors seeking abortions; and conscience protections for physicians who do not want to participate in abortions.
  • HB 608 would prevent faith-based hospitals from being required to offer abortion services and would also protect medical professionals from being forced to participate in abortions.

We want to thank Representatives Rebecca Dow, Cathrynn Brown, Gregg Schmedes, David Gallegos, and Rod Montoya for sponsoring these bills. After opposing radical pro-abortion legislation for weeks, we now have some bills we can support!

Therefore, we need you to call and/or email the following Representatives TODAY, and, if possible, attend the committee hearing Thursday.

  1. Please call and/or these Representatives and respectfully tell them, “We must protect New Mexico women, children, and doctors. Please vote “YES” on HB 600 and HB 608.”

Representative Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson – (505) 986-4425 –
Representative Andrea Romero – (505) 986-4254 –
Representative Angelica Rubio – (505) 986-4227 –

  1. Please attend the committee hearing Thursday, in Room 317, at 1:30 p.m.

Life Update:

  • HB 51—the radical pro-abortion up-to-birth bill—is currently waiting for its first hearing in the Senate. If you have not yet contacted your Senator, please visit our Action Center today!
  • HB 90—the legalization of assisted suicide—is currently on the House Floor Calendar and could be voted on at any time. If you have not yet contacted your Representative, please visit our Action Center today!

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team