Will We Protect Life?

February 28

This has been the foundational question for our country for the year. Just Monday, even though both of Kansas’ U.S. Senators voted in favor of the Born Alive Protection Bill, the US Senate as a whole failed to pass the bill which, at its core, bans infanticide. Even as a growing number of American’s are recognizing just how radical the pro-abortion movement is, our federal legislature has not been able to do anything.  However, in Kansas conservative legislators are making progress on passing legislation to protect life.

As we told you several weeks ago, the Kansas Senate was the first legislative body in the country to condemn New York’s abortion bill and bills like it. This bill will have a hearing in the House on March 7th. This was a huge victory for our state because it unequivocally declares that Kansans value life.

Another bill that we are working on with our allies at Kansans for Life is an Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent Bill. Last week we had a hearing in the House on this bill (HB 2274). It simply requires a woman to be told that it may be possible to reverse her chemical abortion. More than half of abortions performed in Kansas are done via the abortion pill.

The abortion pill is a two-step process. The first pill blocks the baby from receiving nutrients – which slowly starves the baby, then 24-48 hours later a second pill is taken that expels the dead baby from the woman’s body. There are countless stories of women frantically calling clinics and searching the internet for a possible way to save their baby after taking the first pill.

Several years ago, Dr. George Delgado realized that a common treatment for a woman experiencing a natural miscarriage, injecting progesterone, could be used to help women who had already taken the first abortion pill. The logic behind abortion reversal is straightforward. Instead of taking the second pill, the pregnant woman is given large dosages of “progesterone in order to counteract the first pill.” Hundreds of babies, like Baby Gabriel who is featured in this story, have already been saved using this method.

This is an opportunity for life and hope for these women. If you want to help save babies like Gabriel, let your representatives know that you support this bill – we have made it simple for you to do so in our Action Center.

We are at a critical stage in the session – it is important that they know that you support woman having hope beyond abortion.

With Hope,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy