Legislative Update: Prayers Needed for Our State

March 1

Crossover Day of the legislative session- where any legislation that hasn’t made it through at least one Chamber becomes dead for the year- is fast approaching, and there is a lot happening under the Gold Dome.

We alerted you earlier this week to Heartbeat legislation being dropped in both Chambers. HB 481 sponsored by Rep. Ed Setzler and SB 218 sponsored by Sen. Bruce Thompson affirm a self-evident truth – babies with beating hearts are human beings, crafted and known by God, and worth protecting. For many months, we have been laboring toward this moment, and we are hard at work to see passage Georgia take this pivotal stand.

SB 104 sponsored by Sen. Chuck Payne should be voted on the Senate Floor soon, and this is a tremendous opportunity for Georgia to affirm that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions when it comes to their child’s care.

On Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Marty Harbin introduced SB 221 – which mirrors the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This crucial piece of legislation ensures that all Georgians will see their basic right to freely exercise their religion protected. While the media and the Left has long worked to distort the truth of this bill, we are hard at work to push back.

In the Senate, we are seeing some movement on SB 163 – which allows homeschool students to participate in extracurricular activities of their local public school. Also sponsored by Sen. Thompson (who is also carrying a second great pro-life bill, SB 169), this bill was heard in committee, and we hope to get it out by Monday so it can receive a full vote in the Senate.

We are excited by the committee passage of SB 173 – establishing Educational Savings Account – and also provided testimony in support of this bill. Our hope is that this gets a vote on the Floor prior to Crossover Day. Congratulations to Sen. Greg Dolezal on this success with his first piece of legislation.

And, finally, Governor Kemp is taking the lead on HB 546 – a bill aimed at banning abortion in Georgia upon Roe v. Wade being overturned in part or in whole. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Jody Lott, a Governor’s Floor Leader. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia’s vision is a state (and nation!) where all life is cherished, and we appreciate Governor Kemp’s efforts on behalf of the unborn.

As you can see, we are hard at work, and we desperately need prayer. Biblical wisdom, sound strategy, and fortitude will be needed in the coming days as big votes are cast and key decisions are made.

Humbled to serve,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. Other legislation – including HB 53, sponsored by Rep. Kasey Carpenter – remain a high priority. This bill protects the First Amendment rights of the students, educators, and faculty members in our schools. A pivotal piece of legislation, we continue to make a big push on this and are grateful for Rep. Carpenter’s leadership.