OLATHE: Your Help Needed to Stop Attack on Freedom in Johnson County!

March 3

The Olathe City Council is about to vote on an LGBT resolution that could undermine religious freedom in Kansas, and your voice is needed to stop it.


The measure is similar to laws in other states that have been used to punish business owners (such as bakers and florists) who decline to participate in same-sex weddings.  In some cases, those owners have been forced to close their businesses and have been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in fines.   These laws also cover “gender identity” and have been responsible for opening women’s bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms and other public accommodations to men and boys regardless of their biological sex.


While this measure is just a resolution and does not have the force of law, it is seen as a first step toward an actual ordinance. It further encourages the state legislature to pass a nondiscrimination law that includes gender identity and sexual orientation. These sorts of laws have been destructive in other states. This is not what we want for our state.


LGBT activists have been pushing similar ordinances around the state, including Prairie Village and Roeland Park. A similar resolution just passed in Overland Park. Olathe is a kind and welcoming place. We don’t need a resolution or ordinance to tell us to treat each other well.


Please make your voice heard by respectfully urging the Olathe City Council members to defeat the resolution.  With just a few clicks on our Action Center, you can send an email to all seven Council members. I also encourage you to attend the meeting on Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. at the City Hall.


Most of all, thank you for standing up for freedom and making your voice heard!


Making our voices heard,


Brittany Jones, Esq.