ACTION ALERT: Call Your Representative to Support HB 481 (Heartbeat Bill)

March 7

Due to a strong push, the Georgia State House is considering significant legislation to protect innocent human life on Thursday, which is the last day for a bill to make it through its first chamber to become law this year.

Join us in the fight to protect His craftsmanship by urging your Representative to vote for HB 481 – which will protect the unborn upon detection of a heartbeat!

We have seen what the devaluing of life is doing to our culture – as New York and Virginia discuss infanticide as though it is a rational option. Now, it is time for Georgia to take a stand in affirming the pro-science position that these precious babies are alive and worth protecting!

This bill, sponsored by Rep. Ed Setzler, is critical legislation for saying “no more” to stopping the beating hearts of the unborn. ACT NOW by calling your State Representative to urge them to VOTE YES on HB 481! Please click here to get your state representative’s name and number.

Because we cherish EVERY life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director