The Sex-Ed Bill Pushes ABORTION? Key Update and Request

March 7

The infamous Colorado sex-ed bill passed a Senate committee by one vote last week – putting it one step away from a full Senate vote.

Action is needed! Please scroll down for steps you can take.

While the committee passed several amendments to the bill, the substance of it remains essentially unchanged. Here’s where it stands:

  1. It promotes abortion to Colorado school kids.That’s right. There is so much that’s so bad about HB 1032 that little attention has been given to the fact that it requires that sex-ed programs teach children about abortion-inducing drugs. And, if the school opts to teach pregnancy outcomes, the school must cover abortion and present it equally with any other pregnancy outcome.
  2. It still requires schools to teach children about “gender identity,” including the medical means of gender transition such as drugs that stop the natural onset of puberty, cross-sex hormones, and even sex-change operations.Parents from Boulder testified last week about similar programs in their child’s school – and how it “felt like the teacher was a preacher trying to convert” their 6-year-old to transgender. Expect more of the same statewide if HB 1032 becomes law.
  3. There is NO requirement that parents be notified if the topic of “gender identity” is covered outside of sex education.While HB 1032 does require that parents be notified when children will be taught sexual education, there is no requirement that parents be notified when programming on gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation occurs outside of a specific “sex education” class.
  4. Children as young as nine will be taught how to “consent” to sex acts.This bill sets up scenarios where children as young as nine are taught how to “consent” to sexual acts. Can children that young really give meaningful consent?
  5. It overrides local control of school districts, mandating this radical version of sexual education on every public school, including charter schools.Proponents claim that the bill does not override local control for school districts because it allows schools to choose between teaching 1032’s radical new proposal or declining to teach even a simple biology-focused sex education program. That’s hardly a real choice.


  • Please call your state senator and urge him or her to OPPOSE HB 1032. Just click here to get your state senator’s name and phone number. Enter your zip code and then select the Colorado tab to find your state senator.
  • Please also call Senate President Leroy Garcia and urge him to stop HB 1032 from coming to a vote. His phone number is (303) 866-4878.
  • If you haven’t yet sent an email to your state senator, you can do that here in addition to a call.

And, as always, please keep spreading the word! Thanks for your prayers and action on behalf of our kids!

The Family Policy Alliance Team