ACTION ALERT: Heartbeat Bill Heads to the Senate

March 12

Last week, a series of miraculous events and the strong leadership of Governor Brian Kemp led the “Heartbeat Bill” (HB 481), sponsored by our friend Rep. Ed Setzler, to passage in the House. By making your voice heard, you provided some much-needed encouragement to members who were bombarded by hostile attacks from Planned Parenthood throughout the day.

Now, we need you to do the same in the State Senate.

We are expecting a hearing on the “Heartbeat Bill” on Thursday, and the Senate could be voting on this life-saving bill as early as next week. There will be countless lobbyists and angry citizens aiming to convince your senator to do the wrong thing between now and then. Make sure your senator knows where you, their voter, stands and what you expect of them.

Please call AND email your senator TODAY!

In order to find the contact information for your State Senator, go to our Action Center and enter your zip code or address as prompted.

While you will initially see contact info for our federal delegation presented, you can then click on the Georgia tab to view your state officials’ emails and phone numbers.


Cole Muzio

President and Executive Director