IDAHO: Your Voice Needed Now to Protect Parental Rights on Sex Ed!

March 18

As we told you last week, Planned Parenthood is working to kill a good bill that would make a much-needed reform on sex education in Idaho schools. You helped overcome them in the Idaho House, but your voice is even more critical now in the Senate!

House Bill 120 gives parents the right to review sex-education materials and choose whether to opt their child in to the program.

Planned Parenthood thinks that’s a bad idea. Despite their name, they don’t trust parents. They would rather parents be in the dark about the sex education that is being pushed on Idaho kids, some of which has recently been shown to be pornographic. Now, they and their allies are pressuring senators to not even hold a hearing on the bill.

Please take a moment to send a message to key members of the Senate Education Committee, urging them to hear the bill and to support it. We’ve made it easy on our Action Center — you can reach all of them with a click.

Thank you! And please spread the word to others who share your values. Let’s not let Planned Parenthood dictate sex education in Idaho!


John Paulton
Director of Advovacy