Urge Governor Burgum to Sign the Chemical Abortion Reversal Information Act

March 19

We have only one step left before House Bill 1336 becomes law – Governor Burgum must sign HB 1336!

Pro-life activists need to speak up now — please call Governor Burgum’s office today (701-328-2200) and ask him to sign HB 1336.

Pro-abortion activists are trying to pressure the governor into vetoing this legislation. We need to make sure pro-life voices are also heard.

 All you have to do is politely leave a message requesting that Governor Burgum sign HB 1336 into law — that’s it!

Remember, House Bill 1336 requires that a woman considering a chemical abortion be given information about how she can save her baby’s life if she changes her mind part-way into the process. Almost 70 percent of women who have changed their minds and sought immediate medical attention for an abortion-pill reversal were able to successfully deliver a healthy baby from this proven medical procedure!

Take action today by calling Governor Burgum at 701-328-2200 because women have the right to know!



Mark Jorritsma