Freedom from the LGBT Agenda

March 20

Family Policy Alliance President & CEO Paul Weber (L) with Jamie Shupe (R)

For decades, LGBT activists have been using political spin to sell their agenda on the American public:

Freedom to marry
Free to love
Sexual freedom
Free to be who you are
Free to choose


Freedom. As Christ-followers who truly believe that Jesus came to give abundant life (John 10:10), to set free the captives and the oppressed (Luke 4:18), and to become the only sacrifice to set us free from sin (Romans 6), the most loving thing we can do is to boldly proclaim the truth that any “freedom” offered by the LGBT agenda is a lie. Only Jesus can give real freedom—anything else is bondage.

By now, you’ve probably read Jamie Shupe’s viral story featured by our friends at Daily Signal or Christian Post. He announced his decision to identify as transgender in the New York Times in 2015. In 2017, he made history as the first person to legally be declared “nonbinary.” Now he is trying to regain his life as a man.

I had the privilege of meeting Jamie and his wife this week, and I can say that Jamie and his family experienced anything but freedom.

He now feels used by LGBT activists—so much so that his physical health, mental health, and his family have been sacrificed on the altar of a political agenda.

Jamie’s body has taken a toll. He has serious problems with bone density—a very common side effect to prolonged use of cross-sex hormones. He also has problems with his kidneys, veins in his legs, and permanent unwanted breast growth.

Yet, LGBT political activists keep pushing for “gender transition” to be the only option for any person struggling with a gender identity mental health issue.

At every level of Jamie’s care, the only options presented to him were related to gender transition—with doctors and nurses too scared to provide alternatives. As Jamie puts it, “laws have to make sure [medical professionals] aren’t scared or punished for asking the right questions.”

He’s exactly right. This is why Family Policy Alliance, our allied legislators, and our state-based family policy allies all advocate for medical care that ensures medical professionals can continue to provide quality care and professional judgment without being hindered by any political agenda.

Jamie’s mental health has suffered. Jamie is a U.S. Army veteran who suffers from PTSD, as well as several other mental health conditions.

Yet, Jamie’s other mental health conditions were ignored while his politicized medical care forced him into a “gender transition” spiral.

And this is exactly what LGBT activists want. Activists have introduced bills in over half the states to ban freedom in counseling—requiring licensed therapists to only counsel children toward same-sex attraction and gender transition. These bills would ban any therapy that would help children with unwanted same-sex attraction or guide them toward healthy lives as the sex their bodies were designed to be.

Family Policy Alliance and our allies have successfully stopped these bills in many states—but sadly, some states have already passed them into law leaving no options for parents and children.

Jamie’s family has suffered. Jamie and his wife have been married for over 30 years, and they have a daughter together. Jamie says that being married to a woman and having a daughter reminded him at every turn that he could not really “become” a woman. His family has walked this journey with him, but it has not been an easy one.

Families are being torn apart by the LGBT agenda—with some parents even losing custody of their children at the hands of the government because they refused to sign off on their children’s life-altering “gender transition” hormones.

Family devastation is a high price to pay for the promise of false “freedom.”

Jamie worries about the impact on children. Even while experiencing “gender transition” as an adult, he confessed he worried the whole time about children following his example.

And he’s right to worry. LGBT activists continue to push for their propaganda to be included in school curriculum, exposing children at younger and younger ages so that they question whether they are “boys in a girl body.”

They also advocate for children to be able to consent to their own medical care—to include “gender transition.” This cuts parents out of their role as the protectors of their children.

As Jamie told us, “as hard as it is to say ‘no,’ parents have to protect their child from himself or herself.”

This is why Family Policy Alliance and our allies advocate for policies that honor the role of parents in children’s lives, educational choice for families, and the right of parents to remove children from harmful curriculum.

When we debate the LGBT activists in D.C. or state capitols across the country—and when we invite you to participate by contacting your lawmakers or using the power of your vote—it can be hard to remember that there are real victims of the LGBT agenda. Jamie Shupe is a powerful reminder.

And that is why we refuse to be swayed by the lie that the LGBT agenda is one of “freedom.” The human and family cost are too great to not boldly speak the truth as believers who are called to be Light in darkness.

So, we invite you to be bold with us. When we, or our state allies, alert you to a dangerous LGBT bill in D.C. or your state, please join us in taking action. There are several active alerts right now—check to see if there’s one in your state or at the federal level. Invite your small group or church to take action too—we need believers speaking out!

And, if you’d like to send a note of prayer or encouragement to Jamie Shupe and his family, you can do that HERE.



For true Freedom,

Paul Weber,
President & CEO