Planned Parenthood’s “Product”. . .

March 25

Planned Parenthood has been busy. Very busy. We all know what their primary money maker is, but did you know Planned Parenthood writes radical comprehensive sex education curriculums and lobbies for their inclusion in schools at governments around the world?

What could this billion-dollar corporation have to gain through writing so-called “comprehensive” sex ed curriculums?

Planned Parenthood’s “Product”. . .

Planned Parenthood, like most corporations, makes its billions by convincing customers they need its product—and repeat customers are even better. That product has traditionally been abortions, which directly depend upon the sexual activity of its customers. The younger the customer the better.

In fact, youth make “good customers” for many reasons.  They’re far less likely to have the capacity to care for a child. They are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior—meaning they’ll probably need testing for STD’s, treatment for STD’s and of course abortions, all services which PP provides. They’re also more likely to be repeat customers.

Therefore, it makes sense that Planned Parenthood would sexualize our children in order to commodify them. For Planned Parenthood, our youth represent one of the most lucrative revenue streams in the world.

But Why Comprehensive Sex Ed?

There are several reasons Planned Parenthood has become one of the largest providers of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) curriculums in the world. As writers of CSE, Planned Parenthood controls the narrative around sex and sexuality, becoming the go-to source. Planned Parenthood then lobbies government officials to mandate the teaching of Comprehensive Sex Ed in all schools in a state, or country— a curriculum they write. Once inside the classroom, Planned Parenthood now has a front and center position with our children and without the presence of parents. CSE becomes an extended form of advertising for Planned Parenthood to acclimate children to concepts they are naturally repulsed by—the taking of life, sleeping with multiple sexual partners, and believing they were born in the wrong body.

Once inside the classroom, Planned Parenthood’s CSE curriculum gets teachers to teach sexual activity is always a good decision . . .

Elementary School “Rights, Respect, Responsibility” Curriculum CSE Chart Courtesy of California Family Council

. . . no matter what the age of the child. . .

Planned Parenthood’s “Exclaim!” Pamphlet (p. 21)

. . . no matter how risky the sex. . .

Planned Parenthood’s “Healthy, Happy and Hot” p. 3

. . .no matter how drunk or high the child. . .

Planned Parenthood’s “Healthy, Happy and Hot” p. 11

. . . And especially without parental involvement!

Planned Parenthood’s “Exclaim!” p.17

Many nations are battling Planned Parenthood’s extreme and offensive curriculum. Even the state-run Anglican Church in the UK is taking a stand against CSE, arguing families must “protect the innocence of children” and resist a state agenda that’s “increasingly controlled by LGBT activists.”

Why LGBT-Focused Comprehensive Sex Ed Curriculum?

Planned Parenthood’s business model only makes money off of sexually-active women and girls. If Planned Parenthood can find a way to commodify boys and abstinent teens, they would really be raking in the dough. That explains why Planned Parenthood’s curriculums now require the teaching of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sexual experiences and identity. These lessons often include graphic and explicit discussions and images of different ways LGBT students can have sex, including the promotion of oral and anal sex as a “safe” alternative to sex. Their lessons also include teaching our children that they may have been born in the wrong body and promote “changing their sex” through the use of experimental puberty-blocking hormones and cross-sex hormones—hormones Planned Parenthood now sells in 21 states.

Planned Parenthood hasn’t been shy about their agenda and has pushed it in many nations, including proposing their curriculums repeatedly to UN committees. Not surprisingly, African nations have provided some of the most forceful pushback against Planned Parenthood’s radical ideas, vehemently protecting the sole right of African parents to teach their children within the framework of their traditional beliefs. Beliefs which reject LGBT activism and promiscuity on a continent where HIV and child sexual abuse are prominent human rights issues.

Families Fight for Their Rights

All over the United States, parents’ eyes are being opened to what Planned Parenthood’s CSE really is— an attack on the identity of our children and the spiritual and religious values of families. One California mother posted on the Facebook page of “Informed Parents of California” an excerpt from her child’s seventh/eighth grade homework teaching children, “spiritual abuse include[s] using religion to justify abuse, insisting on rigid gender roles. . . not allowing boyfriend/girlfriend/partner(s) to do things they enjoy . . .”

Coloradan’s protest outrageous CSE bill at state capitol

Yet over recent weeks, we’ve seen protests in several states against CSE content, including in California and Colorado. Families know that they are the gatekeepers of their child’s health and identity, and we cannot trust the agenda of large, morally bankrupt corporations to teach our children the right way to live.

We agree with California protestors who declared: “We will not allow our kids to be sexualized in the classroom. . .We will not allow our children’s hearts and minds to be stolen and used for political social experiments and radical activist agendas!” We agree with Colorado protestors who shouted, “Hands Off Our Children!”

What You Can Do

If you have children or grandchildren in school, we encourage you to:

  • Request curriculum content for your child’s sex education programs;
  • Request teacher lesson plans and find out when and if topics you might find controversial will be taught;
  • Find out what the process is for you to opt your child out of class
  • If your state hasn’t yet adopted Planned Parenthood’s CSE, that’s great. Continue to stay tuned as to whether your state is considering this type of legislation and consider testifying and talking to your legislators to encourage them to fight Planned Parenthood’s presence in the classroom.

And, we want to hear from you! We know what Planned Parenthood thinks about your child (or grandchild), but what do you know about your child (grandchild)?

We’d like to invite you to finish this sentence:

Planned Parenthood sees my child (grandchild) as a revenue stream. But I know my child (grandchild) _____________________________________________________.