Help Us Ban Dismemberment of Living Preborn Children in North Dakota!

March 27

We are almost there on House Bill 1546, which would ban dismemberment abortions on preborn infants— the Senate still needs to pass the bill with a floor vote!

The Senate will take this floor vote very soon, so we need your help contacting your senator NOW. We have made it easy for you to urge your senator to vote in support of House Bill 1546 by sending a message through our Action Center!

Remember, this bill would make it illegal to perform a dismemberment abortion on a living preborn child. This type of abortion procedure is gruesome and essentially tears the baby apart while it is alive and can feel pain. Dismemberment of any living human is barbaric and inhumane, and our preborn children can’t speak for themselves. Only you can!

Take action today and urge your senator to vote in favor of this bill, because no preborn child should ever have to endure this horrible procedure!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director