Abortion Pill Reversal Bill Passes Both Houses, Your Move Governor Kelly

April 11


Late last week, just as the legislature was concluding business before going into their April recess – the abortion pill reversal bill finally came out of the conference committee and was passed by both the House and the Senate.

The House passed the committee report, 85-35 even with several key conservative members absent. The Senate voted immediately afterwards and passed the report 26-11.

Both the House and the Senate sent a strong message to Governor Kelly that they are pro-life and that women deserve to have this important information. With more than half of the abortions being performed by the abortion pill in Kansas, it is even more vital that women know that it may be possible to reverse their abortion.

We appreciate the efforts of the chairs of the Public Health and Welfare committees in both chambers who made sure that this bill got into a conference committee report.

We are also are extremely grateful to Rep. John Eplee (R-Atchison), who was the main sponsor of the bill, and to Statesmen Academy℠ alum Rep. Emil Bergquist (R-Park City), who carried the bill on the floor in the House.

The House and the Senate have sent their message to the Governor.

Now it is your turn to ask Governor Kelly to sign the Abortion Pill Reversal Act.

During the campaign, Governor Kelly was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and has been a strong proponent of the abortion industry. But we need to let her know that we are a pro-life state and that this bill is about more than just “abortion rights.” This bill is about giving women hope – hope that there are other options besides abortion. In the end, this is a truly “pro-choice” bill – because it ensures that a woman knows of all her options before she takes the abortion pill.

Please take action!

Pressing on towards the finish line,

Brittany Jones, Esq
Director of Advocacy