Kansas Has Kept the Beat of the Pro-Life Movement

April 18

We have seen major progress on the pro-life front in Kansas this year. First, our legislature was the first to pass a resolution condemning the New York abortion law that removed basic protections for women and their preborn children. Second, by passing the abortion pill reversal informed consent law we joined seven other states in ensuring women are given important information about the possibility of reversing a chemical abortion.

This progress isn’t only happening in Kansas. We are seeing major progress in many states across the country. After having no major pro-life bills enacted in the last several years, Georgia passed a bill that provides women with resources to help them care for their babies and bans abortion once a heartbeat is detected.  Our ally in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia®, worked closely with many of the drivers of the bill in the state. We’ve seen these bills passed in several states over the last several years.

The bill in Georgia though has earned the ire of Hollywood and the media. While events such as the passage of the horrific abortion bill in New York, the defeat of the same bill in Virginia, the release of the movie Unplanned, and many other pro-life wins have led to the confluence of support around the life movement, these events are also driving major opposition from the culture of death. Actors and actresses have threatened to refuse to film movies in Georgia and have called for national boycotts.

While it is not the right time for a Heartbeat bill in Kansas for several reasons, we want to support our friends who are under assault for their stand for life. Further, we want to encourage other states to fight for legislation that will protect babies. If you haven’t already, please sign our pledge to Keep the Beat in Georgia and across the country.

Keeping the Beat,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy