The Eternal Beat

April 19

His heart stops—not a beat detected!  Life ends without a beat.

To be sure, they thrust a spear into our Savior’s side.  It’s Friday.

In the early hours before dawn—undetectable to mankind—His heart beats once. And then again… continuing forever. His promise is eternally fulfilled. It’s Sunday.

From that single beat—death is forever destroyed. From that single beat, Christ-followers have assurance of eternity. From that single beat, Satan is forever defeated.

By that single beat, we are commanded to:

go and make disciples (Mt. 28:19)

teach all Scripture for training in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16)

not be frightened in anything by our opponents (Phil. 1:28)

How are we doing in getting with the beat?

In recent weeks, heartbeat bills have been passed in several states such as Ohio, Mississippi and Georgia, joining North Dakota, Arkansas and Iowa in advancing life initiatives.  Family Policy allies in over 40 states are protecting life to the fullest extent while also opposing attempts to cheapen life—including infanticide.

The movie Unplanned is surpassing all expectations proving that the pro-life issue resonates with the heartbeat of America.  The beat for life will never die—despite our opponents’ attempts to intimidate us.

Imagine if on that Sunday morning, you could peer into the tomb at the very moment when our Lord’s heart beat anew? The joy and excitement would be overwhelming. Tears flowing with hopeful expectation. It would be like peering into an ultrasound and seeing for the first time, your own child’s heart beating. We can’t wait to show our family the photo of our child in the womb.  Like Christ’s tomb, a mother’s womb should be a place where life is cherished!

Our Lord’s first beat established eternity. His eternal beat results in eternal possibilities for mankind.  That’s why Family Policy Alliance stands for that first beat to the very last beat; for a nation where life is cherished and where the Gospel can be proclaimed freely.

Will you join us in keeping the beat across America?  That deafening beat of “He is Risen” proclaimed from every believer’s beating heart will continue until the Lord’s triumphal return.

Happy Easter to all who keep the beat,

Paul Weber
President & CEO