Saved for Better

April 21


I don’t want to get political on Easter, but the Lord has put something on my heart that I feel compelled to share.

In recent days, we have seen numerous political figures diminish the work of Christ on the cross by claiming salvation yet clinging to sin. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, notably, has leveraged his homosexuality to force a one-sided fight with Vice President Pence in an effort to elevate his profile. Blaming God for his sinful lifestyle and arguing that his gay marriage brings him closer to the Lord have become cornerstones of his ascendant campaign.

Closer to home, Stacey Abrams continues to wage war on the values found in Scripture, the guiding text of the faith she claims. For years, she’s attacked the notion that our First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion should be protected, she’s promoted the radical LGBT agenda – even saying that schools should be used to affirm “gender identity,” and she recently called our pro-life “Heartbeat Bill” evil.

But, while Buttigieg, Abrams, and the like claim “Christianity” – their opposing views are an affront to that faith.

1 Corinthians 6:11 points to the power of salvation – the ability of the work of Jesus to lead to a radical transformation, a marked difference of who we once were. Those who claim faith yet deny the power of the Lord’s work, the authority of His Word, and the need for repentance are undermining the wonder that we celebrate this Easter weekend.

My friends, we serve a powerful and loving King. He saves sinners and heaven is filled with the undeserving. But, He has saved us to something better. He calls us to better, more joy-filled living and adherence to His design and purpose. That’s why, as Christians, we cannot sit on our hands and simply talk about the next life. He has intentions for us in THIS one!

As we celebrate Easter 2019, let’s embrace the call to be different and be better than our sin nature otherwise dictates. Let’s labor to impact our culture and to reclaim our churches. In far too many pulpits, there is an absence of this call, paving the way for those like Buttigieg and Abrams to take positions entirely inconsistent with Scripture. We MUST, as Christians, speak to these issues with clarity and conviction.

Our Lord did a great and mighty work for us. He saved sinners like you and me, and it is a beautiful thing. May you and your family have a blessed day remembering that Christ the King has conquered the grave, set you free, and saved your soul for something better!

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director