Governor Kelly Vetoes Abortion Reversal Bill – Ask Your Legislators to Override

April 22


Late today, Democrat Governor Laura Kelly vetoed the abortion pill reversal information bill that would ensure that women are given important information before an abortion.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in both houses of the legislature, but Kelly, an abortion advocate, does not favor full disclosure of vital women’s health information.

The legislation would actually help women who are considering abortion understand all the facts related to their abortion—including that a chemical abortion may be reversible within a certain period of time if a woman changes her mind. With any medical procedure, doctors are required to give patients all sorts of information to ensure that they know the harms and alternatives of the procedure.

Yet, when it comes to abortion, Governor Kelly and activists like Planned Parenthood prefer to keep women in the dark regarding what is about to happen to them or any available alternatives. They will do all that they can to ensure that women aren’t given access to the important information they need in order to make a fully informed decision.

It looks like Governor Kelly believes that a woman should be free to choose an abortion, but not free to change her mind!

We need your help! Please contact your legislators in the Kansas House and Senate and urge them to override Governor Kelly’s veto of this life-saving legislation.

Send your message today! We have made it easy to contact them in our Action Center.

For life,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy