Tune in this Saturday for “Alive from New York”

May 2

Dear Friends—

This Saturday, our public policy partner, Focus on the Family, will be hosting the largest pro-life event in Times Square history, and we are inviting you to tune in! The event—“Alive from New York”—will feature live music, inspirational speeches, abortion survivor stories, and live 4D ultrasounds.

As you know, our state and nation are at a critical juncture. The sanctity of human life is under attack as elected leaders across the country continue to push for unrestricted abortion up to the moment of birth, and in some cases, infanticide after birth. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, abortion up to birth is already legal and our Governor recently announced her plans to bring back radical legislation in 2020 to enshrine abortion up to birth access in state law.

The pro-life movement, however, is gaining historic momentum as science and technology reveal what you and I already know to be true—that an unborn child is a human being and that he/she should be protected. As people walk through Times Square and tune in for the “Alive from New York” event this Saturday, our prayer is that they will see this truth for themselves—that they will #SeeLifeClearly.

To sign up for the free live stream of “Alive from New York,” please visit AlivefromNewYork.com/livestream.

Thank you,

Vince Torres
President and Executive Director