The Baby in the Womb Makes the Difference

May 3

Tomorrow, our ally, Focus on the Family, will host “Alive from NY,” an unprecedented pro-life event in New York City’s Times Square. The main focus of the event will be the live broadcast of 4D ultrasounds on numerous digital screens in Times Square.

Events like these are seen as a rallying point for pro-life activists. While it may be true that the assembled masses might be largely conservative, evangelical, Christian, Catholic or—dare we say Republican—we must be careful to not completely appropriate the issue to just those individuals. The culture in America is changing, and events like “Alive from NY” are one reason why.

We have seen our nation becoming more and more pro-life over the nearly 50 years since the Roe v Wade decision was handed down. Slowly, the tide is turning – thanks in part to a constant push to demonstrate what abortion is and to educate the nation on alternatives. Events like “Alive from NY” highlight and broadcast the humanity of a baby in the womb.

The evidence is all there in full color—hands, feet, toes, nose, eyes, ears. It is a strategy that can eventually change the minds of some of the most unlikely people who, after seeing it, cannot walk away denying that it really is a baby.

Depending what polling outlet has released it latest numbers, right now, somewhere around 47% of Americans identify as pro-life. Marist, which has been polling the pro-life issue for decades, noted in February that as many Americans identified as pro-life as pro-abortion for the first time since 2009.

The polling also indicated something new – 34% of Democrats under the age of 45 (whose party notoriously defends abortion rights) identified as pro-life. These numbers were a significant shift from a similar poll just a month or so earlier.

The trend seems to be a pro-life reaction to several news-worthy events early this year in which the prospect of infanticide was seriously discussed by policymakers in a number of states across the nation. Also, New York gutted what pro-life laws it had and passed a wide-sweeping abortion access law. In a similar vein, a number of 2020 presidential hopefuls on the Democratic side have perpetuated an extreme abortion agenda in their early campaigning.

People of all political persuasions are facing the reality that we are talking about preborn humans and once you see that image, like many will tomorrow, the truth becomes undeniable.

In a number of states, it is exciting to see these shifting attitudes showing up even in public policy successes.

In New Mexico, a radical abortion bill like New York’s was expected to easily pass earlier this year. Enough Democrats opposed it on final passage in the New Mexico Senate, and the measure failed.

In Arkansas a number of Democrats joined pro-life colleagues to pass an 18-week abortion ban.

Last year, a pro-life constitutional amendment was placed on the ballot in West Virginia after more than 25% of Democratic lawmakers voted for its consideration. Then it was approved by voters in a state where Democrats hold a slight majority.

These are a few examples, but in state after state, the pro-life message is generating more bipartisan success for life.

Time after time, the battle is won by a loving and truth-filled message—one that touches a heart and eventually, over time, changes a mind.

We know the truth about life and the humanity of a baby in the womb. We know the power the ultrasound image holds. That image affects human hearts personally and has led not only to great public policy successes across the nation, but also (and most importantly) has resulted in countless lives saved. That is what makes all of the years of toil, prayers, advocacy and grassroots activism worth it!

Please plan to watch “Alive from NY” online from 2:30 to 4:30 (eastern time)  tomorrow – you can find the information you need on the Focus on the Family website.

For life,

Robert Noland
Communications Manager