Why North Dakota Needs Statesmen

May 9

I had an interesting conversation recently with my uncle who lives in St. Louis. I was telling him about my work with Family Policy Alliance® here in North Dakota and he interrupted me and said, “Oh, I know about Family Policy Alliance. They have that Statesmen Academy℠ where they train politicians on how to act on their faith once they’re elected, right? I think that’s great and really makes your organization stand out, because I don’t know of anyone else doing that.”

I was surprised at his statement, but why? After all, he described it well, knew what it was called, and knew that no other organization was doing the same thing.  I was surprised because out of all the things Family Policy Alliance does at the national level and here in North Dakota, that was the one thing that stuck with him. Why?

First, people get it. As with my uncle, it’s a concept that people see as concrete and easily measured. They know that the Statesmen Academy will make a difference in populating our state legislatures with Godly men and women, in an era in which legislators holding Judeo-Christian moral beliefs are facing evermore hostile media and highly divisive politics.

Second, they can picture the power of the program. Our Statesmen Academy graduates were primary sponsors of bills honoring life, parental rights, and freedom in school choice. Because of the principles on which our Statesmen stand, now North Dakotan woman have to right to know chemical abortions might be reversed, homeschool families have more freedom, and dismemberment abortions are banned.

I deeply respect and am so appreciative of our three Statesmen Academy graduates currently in the legislature: Representatives Dan Johnston, Luke Simons, and Michelle Strinden.

With three current Statesmen Academy graduates, and three more planning to attend this year’s Academy in July, three will become six. What if next year we can find five more, and then seven the next, and so on? Pretty soon you have an empowered force with incredible momentum in the halls of the Capitol who will work hard to advance policy in a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Won’t you help us with this important task? Your financial support will go a long way to preserving and expanding biblical values in our state legislature. If you give today, your tax-deductible gift will currently be DOUBLED, thanks to a $140,000 matching grant provided by generous ministry partners.

I see a future. A future where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota, our Statesmen Academy graduates, and other Christian legislators all work together to preserve and advance biblical values at a never-imagined level. Let’s make it a reality!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director