How Arthur Got it Wrong

May 16

You may be familiar with the children’s show Arthur – it was a staple in our household when our kids were little. The show provides positive examples of how siblings deal with issues and is an uplifting and enjoyable cartoon. It has been on the air for 22 seasons, which is amazing by any standard. However, the show has finally capitulated to political pressure and produced an episode where one of its characters, a schoolteacher no less, “comes out” as gay and marries another man. It’s a very disappointing decision on the part of PBS and the show’s producers.

I mentioned in a recent weekly email how those in opposition to biblical values have successfully used the tactic of “inevitability of gradualness” to slowly wear down our society’s response to their message. This is another step in that direction, but what worries me more about this event is that it is targeted at children.

Arthur’s primary audience is elementary school children who typically lack the critical thinking skills to determine whether they independently agree or disagree with something. Instead, they follow by example, which in this case is a lovable animated character with whom they identify and have watched for years.

Sadly, Arthur got it wrong. The show has long been respected by parents in both Christian and non-Christian households, but it is now poised to imprint its new social agenda on our children. Let’s do what we can to stop it. Please contact PBS and let them know three things.

First, tell them that their introduction of a gay character is inconsistent with your family’s values and that you are very disappointed they are imposing the LGBT agenda on your children.

Second, inform them that your children will no longer be watching the show as a result of the message it is sending on this important issue and that you will also ask your friends and family that they not allow their children to watch the show.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be sure they know that you are discouraging anyone else from donating to PBS until they change this storyline.

Will this work? Consider this; the show pulled an episode involving lesbian mothers in 2005 due to vocal opposition. So yes, it can work, but only if you act on this!

You can email the Senior Vice President for Children’s Media at PBS by clicking here to send a message to through our Action Center or by calling 1 (703) 739-5000. Also, be sure to use social media to spread the message, which is another key way to influence PBS. If your family values matter, then defend them! Thank you for speaking up to make a difference.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director