Say No to Planned Parenthood in our Schools

May 25

Invitations were recently circulated for this year’s Safe Spaces Teacher Training workshops to be held here in North Dakota. As in past years, the purpose of these workshops is to train teachers on the topic of sexual health so that they, in turn, can use it to teach their students. The trainings are planned for Dickinson, Fargo, and Grand Forks the first part of June. The concept might initially sound like a great idea to help our children, but consider who is hosting the training: Planned Parenthood. I would be hard pressed to find a more inappropriate and frankly scary host for this subject.

The invitation states, among other things, that “the purpose of this workshop is to provide training to adults who work with youth”, and then goes on to provide more detail on some of the course’s topics and objectives, including the following.

  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Values related to sexuality
  • Adolescent sexual risk behaviors
  • Inclusivity
  • Sexual orientation & gender identity
  • Sexual health free from personal bias and judgment with respect for diversity

I certainly don’t want Planned Parenthood training teachers on any of these subjects.

Teachers are smart and I have a lot of respect for them and the sacrifices they make for our young people, but being indoctrinated in a liberal, pro-abortion agenda for two days (yes, each course is 16 hours!) is something nobody should be subjected to, certainly not our teachers.

However, here is the even scarier part. The course is intended for teachers of grades K-12. That’s right, your child’s kindergarten teacher could use this information and theses tactics on your impressionable five-year-old child or grandchild.

Based on your values, I doubt that you want any North Dakota teacher being fed this agenda that is absolutely opposed to all you believe and hold dear. Think about it. Our legislature just passed bills to protect preborn children from abortions, but now we’re going to let someone come in and indoctrinate our teachers and children that killing these preborn innocents is perfectly normal?

So why would a teacher take this course? First, some might support Planned Parenthood and their agenda of killing preborn children. However, even for those who are not ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood, this course gives teachers credits towards their professional development continuing education requirements. Why is that? Because it is accredited by NDSU. Yes, this program is held jointly by Planned Parenthood and NDSU, who underwrites the program with federal funds!

Here’s the good news; you can do something about it. The old adage “follow the money” definitely applies here. We all need to tell NDSU that this Safe Spaces course should not be taught in North Dakota and that they need to stop funding this propaganda.

You can email both NDSU President Dean Bresciani and his Chief of Staff Chris Wilson in less than three minutes through our action alert center. You can also call President Bresciani directly to voice your displeasure and urge him to cancel the Safe Spaces program at (701-231-7211). If you currently have a family member attending NDSU, be sure to mention that too.

Whether or not the Safe Spaces program is held this year in our state, parents please continue to ask about what is taught in your school’s sex education programs. Find out about the training your children’s teachers are receiving on these subjects. It is your right to know this information. Never forget that you, as a parent, are ultimately responsible for what your child learns!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director